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United to end the violence against women
. Ban Ki-moon
"Break the silence. When you witness violence against women and girls, do not sit back. Act."
Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General

Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
Men must teach each other that real men do not violate or oppress women – and that a woman’s place is not just in the home or the field, but in schools and offices and boardrooms.


Network of Men Leaders

Members of the Secretary-General’s Network of Men Leaders

Juan Carlos Areán

Juan Carlos Areán

Juan Carlos Areán is a senior program director at the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) in the United States. Since 1991, he has worked to engage men across different cultures to become better fathers, intimate partners and allies to end domestic violence and achieve gender equity. For over a decade, he worked at the Men's Resource Center for Change in various capacities, including as director of the Men Overcoming Violence Program. He also worked as a sexual assault prevention specialist at Harvard University.

Mr. Areán is co-author of various articles and educational tools for men, including Breaking the Cycle: Fathering After Violence, and an on-line toolkit for engaging men and boys in violence prevention. He has been instrumental in developing FVPF’s national initiative Coaching Boys into Men and recently helped produce the ground-breaking documentary, Something my Father Would Do: Overcoming Legacies of Family Violence.

Mr. Areán is an active trainer who has led hundreds of workshops and presentations throughout the United States, as well as in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Austria, and at the United Nations.