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Campaign logoUN Secretary-General's campaign:
United to end the violence against women
. Ban Ki-moon
"Break the silence. When you witness violence against women and girls, do not sit back. Act."
Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General

Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
There is one universal truth, applicable to all countries, cultures and communities: violence against women is never acceptable, never excusable, never tolerable.


Action For Schools and Universities

• Hold conferences, seminars and workshops to ensure that educators at all levels are trained in gender and women’s issues, including recognizing and addressing violence against women.

• Organize panel discussions, symposia and debates for students on the issue of violence against women, inviting experts from local NGOs, the government, academia or the private sector to participate as guest speakers.

• Include activities to raise awareness and promote prevention of violence against women in your curriculum.

• Organize a public speaking contest on the issue, targeting male students in particular.

• Run an essay-writing contest on the topic of violence against women. Winning entries could be posted on your website or offered to a local newspaper for publication.

• Organize an art/poster contest, asking students to conceptualize the issue.

• Ask students to create a flash animation presentation or e-postcard to highlight the problem of violence against women, especially in a local context.